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HPU ladies get into the swing

    By Trond Alund. September 25, 2012 - 10:49 am

Susanna Sarkki is one of the players on the newly established Women’s Golf Team at HPU. Photo: Susanna Sarkki

 Women’s golf is now officially a part of HPU´s ever-growing sports program. 

After strides toward expanding the sports program in the last few years, Brent Curry, assistant golf coach, is happy that the expansion was finally made.

“Hawaii is the perfect place to combine school with sports, and I really think it will raise the profile of the university,” he said.

Men´s golf has been a part of the Athletic Department for years, and both genders are delighted that the women can enjoy the same sport this fall.

“It´s really great to have the girls on our team. As a unit, we can practice together, challenge each other and enhance our skills,” third year transfer student, Jeff Blais said.

The new team adds more depth to the sports program and will have the potential of attracting more students to choose Hawaii as their college destination.

Susanna Sarkki, a junior transferring from Finland, saw HPU as the perfect place where she could study and live while continuing to participate in her greatest passion – golf.

“I had already made up my mind about going to Hawaii, but after I was informed about the newly established golf team, the decision couldn’t have been easier. Hawaii is a mix of cultures and it´s easy to get in contact with people.

And as far the golf goes, this island has some amazing courses to play on,” she said.

The goal for the women’s team is to be competitive on a national level, but at the moment Curry is being more realistic.

“Our main purpose as of now is to give them an education and prepare them for the future while having fun. We want to give them the best possible experience while being students at HPU, and I believe they are glad they picked us,” said Curry.

The season starts in the spring semester and the athletes are in good shape and ready for the season to start.

“Right now we´re only practicing for the upcoming season. It´s important to be ready when the season starts, and I can´t wait to play with my colleagues,” Sarkki said.

Spending hours and hours outside doing what you love has to be the most perfect way to spend your student years.

The Athletic Department’s goal of establishing women’s golf at HPU is now a reality. Hopefully the expansion will be received positively.

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