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Shark Profiles: Multimedia Major, Majorly Obsessed with Opportunities at HPU

    By Maddisun Cashman. November 21, 2019 - 11:00 am

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

Noah Abrahamson is a junior in the integrated multimedia program at Hawaii Pacific University. He came to Hawaii to escape the brutal winters of Minnesota, where he’s from, and when researching universities in Hawaii, he happily stumbled upon HPU. However, he also attends LA Film School online. After asking Noah why he decided to stay a part-time student at HPU instead of making a full transfer, he explained to me that the opportunities and real-life experiences HPU offers were just too good to give up. “I get a lot of in-class experiences that I wouldn’t online, for example, I have a field trip to a local news station next week for one of my classes.”

While Noah is a multimedia major now, through my interview, I found out he was formerly a business major- “I originally was a business major but soon I realized I am the creative type. I also have a knack for aesthetics and really enjoy creating content, so I changed my major.” However, he still has an interest in business and intends to start his own business in the future. When I brought about the topic of post-grad plans, Noah spoke about wanting to tie his skills in multimedia, to a business. While he admits that these plans may change within the next few years, he knows he is dead set about taking time to travel before heading straight into a career. “Coming to school in Hawaii has really inspired me to travel. A lot of my friends are international students and come from countries I’ve always wanted to visit, and now I have connections there.”

When asked if he has any doubts towards post-grad life, Noah spoke with confidence. “I don’t really have any doubts about my future, things tend to work out the way they should. I am sure I will find something in my field. Although, I am worried about the blue light from computer screens ruining my eyes”.

In the meantime, Noah currently shoots weddings. He will film a wedding and then put together a final wedding video for the groom and bride. Shooting weddings allows him to apply and practice the skills he’s learned from HPU while gaining experience and networking for his future, all at the same time. “A lot of what I know about videography comes from a combination of things I learned at school, and things I learned while on the job.”

It’s no secret among college students that post-grad can be a really scary time, filled with doubt and uncertainty. However, Noah is looking forward to the rest of his college experience and is positive that he will leave Hawaii Pacific with a plethora of opportunities for his future.