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Eat snow for dessert

    By Maren Bjoergum. May 2, 2012 - 4:39 am

On the corner of McCully Shopping Mall lies a hidden Hawaiian treasure that this reporter discovered on a sweltering hot day in Honolulu.

The Snow Factory is a neither an ice cream bar, nor a shave ice shop, but something entirely different.

The vendors themselves describes their product as frozen cotton candy, and the secret recipe of ice (and milk I’m guessing) shaved off a block of ice in thin layers does have some similarities to sugar coated heaven.

Ice cold and refreshing it is available in tastes ranging from chocolate and vanilla to lychee and green tea, and to top it off you can cover it in a layer of crushed M&Ms or gummy bears.

The shop itself is white and stark and void of any real charm, but the video screen playing J-POP gives it something like a personality in an awkward sort of way.

The Snow Ice more than makes up for this though, and it is a perfect icebreaker for any casual date, hang out with friends or way to bribe your siblings.

The shop windows are covered in photographs of customers posing with their paper plates of Snow Ice, and post-it notes from happy snow ice enthusiasts.

Snow Factory is definitely a novelty, and will be the topic of your conversation for half of your stay there.

The portions are huge though, so a small one will work fine unless you`re a really big eater.

Curiosity killed the cat. I was trying to be creative and choose something other than your usual delicious flavors.

So for future reference, green tea is not among the preferred choices.