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Miss Vamp 2012: A fang-tastic pageant

    By Joanna Georgiev. November 6, 2012 - 1:09 pm

Miss Vamp 2012, Tab Sabre Brown also won the title for Miss Photogenic. 
All photos: Joanna Georgiev

The Annual Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant was a feast for the eyes, heart and soul.

Even in the sunniest of all places, on Oct. 12, 2012, 15 women courageously crept out from the darkness into light to share their brains, beauty, and talent with mortals seated in the audience at the historic Hawaii Theatre.

At a young age, Nocturna, the founder of Miss Vamp Hawaii was passionate about graveyards, castles, bats and the tales of the undead. “The purpose of Miss Vamp Hawaii is to create a beauty pageant that allows women who may not necessarily feel they belong in a traditional pageant the opportunity to showcase their talent and dark creative inspiration,” she said.

Miss Vamp Hawaii, a Camera Obscura and DJ Nocturna and Lana.com production, continues to grow.

David Tveraas, an active volunteer and HPU student pursuing his masters in information systems is highly involved in the competition.

Miss Vamp Hawaii 2012 brought out a different set of beauty queens in spirit of Halloween.

 “I had a friend who entered the very first Miss Vamp Hawaii in the Fall of 2010. I instantly fell in love with it,” said Tveraas.

“Miss Vamp is getting progressively larger each year. Earlier in its existence, Miss Vamp was harder to define, but it has evolved into the dark beauty pageant it is today. At the rate of increasing attendance we have seen, I would not be surprised if Hawaii Theater sold out next year.”

Tveraas helped recruit women for the competition and took the form of a werewolf the night of the event to help with stage prep.

Out of the 15 women, three of the contestants who participated were students at Hawaii Pacific University.  Miss Vamp provided the women with an opportunity to show case their art and talents in a theatre setting.

The evening program consisted of three portions: the talent competition, the new Moonlight Bathing lingerie portion, and finally the traditional question and answer section with a spooky spin.

“The moon bathing competition made sense because vampires don’t go in the sun, but rather they moon bathe under the moonlight.” said Lana Saldania who  co-produces Miss Vamp each year and is the creator of the Moon Bathing segment of the pageant.

The bathing segment of the show presented a howling good time, as audience members drooled over beautiful handmade clothing pieces and glowing vampire bodies.

The talents displayed were colorful and varied.

The talent segment consisted of exceptional talents ranging from spoken word, song, dance, and even a contortion act.

“This year, I decided to really push myself to overcome my stage fright and get up and sing in memory of my mom who passed away from cancer” said Poni Paradise.

Paradise is a local alternative model who sent chills down the backs of everyone as she sang “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.

Poni not only worked months in advance on her talent portion but she also took it upon herself to get fit and go for the kill…I mean gold trophy that is.

For Christine Waters, a laboratory bat and grad student at UH Manoa, Miss Vamp provided the perfect outlet for her to connect with creative women outside of the sciences.

“The pageant is additionally humbling as an academic, because we are taught in the ivory tower that activities of this nature are for vapid, narcissistic beings… or that they perpetuate the objectification of women,” said Waters.

“I like Miss Vamp because it is, specifically, an ‘alternative’ pageant, where we vampires have the opportunity to demonstrate that beauty is profound, comes in many different forms, is not without intelligence, and requires, I’ve found, as much commitment and courage as a PowerPoint at a convention.”

Ai Saito was named Miss Congeniality.

Contestants used their imagination to conjure up the most interesting responses to during the Q&A portion of the show.

Chinatown Newspaper, one of the sponsors of Miss Vamp Hawaii came up with questions for the vampires to answer such as “where in Chinatown would you lurk for your victims?” or “what is your favorite vampire movie and why.”

Tara Tynanes took her final walk as Miss Vamp Hawaii 2011, and passed her crown to Winner Tab Sabre Brown who also took the title of Miss Photogenic. “Ecstacy” Ashely Balmores took first-runner up and Ai Saito was named Miss Congeniality.

“I came here with a goal to win!” said Sabre proudly wearing her crown after the meet and greet outside the Hawaii Theatre. Sabre gave her mother credit for her extravagant wardrobe.

“I am really in introverted person, so it really took me a while to get out and give it my all in all the areas of the competition” she said.

In the end what seemed to be a competition where 15 women were all vying for the crown, something greater was formed.

“We are a sisterhood with amazing vibes,” said Maddie Ruhl a senior majoring in English at HPU.

“Even the day after the competition all the vampires were liking each others photos on Facebook and leaving wonderful loving comments.”

At the 2012 Miss Vamp Pageant, contestants did more then show their fangs; they showed their heart.

The presence of all the women standing beside each other at the end of the competition side by side, showed their commitment, hard work and courage to express themselves in a setting outside of the norm.

The Miss Vamp Pageant allows women over 17 years of age and beyond to the opportunity to participate in next years pageant.