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DIY (do it yourself) all the rage

    By Joanna Georgiev. February 14, 2013 - 9:05 am


In the 1950s the usage for DIY was often in regards to home improvement and small construction projects.

Today DIY isn’t a hobby, it’s a movement. is an awesome place for starters…it can become addictive (moderation!)

When you’re perusing through images and creating your board there’s an exciting sense of: “I can do that too.”

Easy and interactive tutorial resources provide the tools to teach anyone how to bake, make jewelry, sew, refurbish furniture or upcycle used and discarded materials into something totally new.


DIY empowers individuals, businesses and communities to do things on their own.

In Sept 2011 Pinterest had 1.68 million viewers, today Pinterest has a whopping 16.23 million unique visitors. ?It seems like everybody and their moms are on Pinterest.

Take a look at our first board which revolves around Valentine’s Day – a couple quotes, gift ideas and DIY tutorials for your sweetie, friend, or for your lovely selves.