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Valentine’s gifts straight from the heart

    By Chanel Kawasaki. February 14, 2013 - 9:19 am


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In a month known best for its decadent chocolates, pricey diamond rings, and heart-shaped gifts, already-broke college students struggle to maintain both frugality and romance for Valentine’s Day. In an effort to encourage love and thriftiness, here is a collection of gift ideas from the heart (rather than the pocket).

1. Jar of love

Cut up tiny pieces of pink, red, and/or white paper in the shape of hearts. Write short love notes or compliments on each paper and fold them up. Put all your little heart love notes in a glass jar or vase. Now your loved one has a little love message from you and can pick one up anytime they’re feeling down.

2. Write a poem or song

Although it may be cheesy, it’s a classic gift that’s both personal and thrifty. Let those creative emotions run on paper and serenade your significant other with a personal poem, song, sonnet, or rap. Bonus Points: Have friends play their guitars or instruments in the background.

3. Valentine coupons

Cut out heart shapes out of index cards and border them with pink or red construction paper to make your own Valentine coupons. They can be redeemable for kisses, foot-rubs, etc. for your significant other to redeem.

4. Collage of photos

On a cork board showcase the most memorable photos of the two of you. Get crafty and add movie tickets, event flyers, or other items specific to dates you have had.

5. Mixtape

Create a CD with your loved one’s favorite songs. It shows them that you not only know what kind of music they listen too, but is a gift they’ll actually be able to use. You can modernize this gift by making them a movie collection of their favorite films instead.