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Love fashion? Visit the land of Milk and Honey

    By Joanna Georgiev. April 25, 2013 - 4:02 pm


HPU Students, Kim Kuehnert, Phil LeRoy, Megan Blackburn, Doo Ra and Jasmin Lee goof around wearing clothes all available at Milk and Honey.  “Despite the challenging location, they have potential because they have some cute stuff!” said Kuehnert.

Upon arriving to the islands in 2008 Patricia Moad was inspired to bring fresh style to Hawaii.

Having been spoiled by the fashion options living in New York, she noticed a lack of variety and boutiques and decided to take a leap of faith and turn her passion for fashion into a clothing retail business.

After working on the mainland for various employers, Moad was motivated to be her own boss. She desired more than a paycheck at the end of the week. Moad wanted to be in command, set her own hours, take vacations when she pleased and do things her way.

“It wasn’t a fulfilling life for me,” Moad said. “Now, I reap all the benefits of my success and how hard I push myself is directly reflected in my success.”

Her entrepreneurial inspiration stems from her dad, who provided her with support and guidance.

“My dad is an entrepreneur, and a rather successful one at that,” Moad explained. “I think I get my spirit from him.”


Milk and Honey is now over a year old and Fort Street welcomes the shop and its new location in 1154 Fort Street Suite 307. The shop offers designer clothing, shoes and accessories for males and females. From snapbacks, to local-branded tees for men and designer jewelry and affordable apparel for women, Milk and Honey has something for everyone.

Although the new location is not a prime spot in Chinatown, the staff says they are doing well.

“Its an unconventional space for a boutique but we get plenty of traffic and are always excited to welcome people whose first time it is in the store and see frequent customers,” said employee Jasmine Acoba.


Need a dress for the party next weekend or need to nail that job interview? Milk and Honey offers different looks and styles to make you look and feel your best. The Milk and Honey staff is ready and willing to help style an outfit for you.

Moad stays on top of the fashion world, and clothes in the shop reflect the current fashion trends. Right now, pretty pastels and ‘90s grunge rock have hit the store floors.

“Trends will always be recycled. What’s old will be new again, so don’t throw away your closets!” she said.


Moad encourages that individuals express themselves through their own style.

The store carries well-known brands such as Cheap Monday, Keepsake, and Dress the Population and makes it a point to support local designers.

Moad works 24/7 and can’t live without her phone to get the job done. When she is not busy traveling in search of new items or out styling and putting on fashion shows she spends some quality time with her Kindle.

The past two years have been full of obstacles and huge sacrifices, but Moad manages to keep her vision alive.

 “Owning your own business is not for the weak-minded or soft-hearted because you will reach so many roadblocks and disheartening occasions that may extinguish your desire for success,” she said. “But if you have a strong passion for it and an iron will, you can succeed if you truly want it!”

Take a ride with Javier on the Blaisdell Hotel elevator to the 3rd floor to check out Milk and Honey’s newest shipment!


Photos: Maren Bjoergum