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Molière’s Tartuffe coming to HPU

    By Meaghan Bush. September 23, 2013 - 9:45 am


HPU will be presenting one of Molière’s classic plays this fall: Tartuffe.  

Since it was first performed in 1664, this comedy has been censored for its satirical portrayal of devout religious followers. However, it is sure to entertain the audiences of the modern age.

 After choosing Tartuffe as HPU’s fall production, HPU director Joyce Maltby read numerous translations of the play. She chose one written in rhymed couplets.

Maltby explained that it was important that the cast would need to handle the script without it “sounding sing-songy.” If necessary, another translation may be used instead.

Two works of Molière have been performed at the Paul and Vi Loo Theatre in the past: The Miser and The Imaginary Invalid.

Maltby described Molière’s work as having a “wise servant with words of wisdom.”

In The Imaginary Invalid, Maltby’s daughter Becky Maltby, played the part of the servant.

Though Becky found it difficult to portray the lower class individual, she enjoyed the challenge. She enjoyed playing the part because “they get to see everything.”

She hopes to be playing the role of servant in the upcoming performance.

Auditions took place September 6, 7, and 8. Director Malty hopes to have the cast picked a week after the auditions.

Look for the HPU rendition of Tartuffe later this semester. It will be performed November 8 through December 8 at the Paul VI Loo Theatre.

Photo via Wikipedia.