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Food review: Kan Zaman

    By Trond Alund. September 26, 2013 - 11:57 am


Savory food. A positive, vibrant atmosphere. Charming waiters and an authentic feeling. This is Kan Zaman.

One of the newcomers to Downtown’s cuisine, Kan Zaman is located only two blocks away from Fort Street. The new mouth-watering experience for students and faculty waits near the corner of S. King Street and Nu‘uanu.

The hybrid of Lebanese and Moroccan delicacies at Kan Zaman are worth the money spent.

Once one enter through the doors, charming waiters greet visitors over the sound of chants vibrating from wall to wall. The interior’s decor places visitors in an atmosphere where relaxation and calmness are the dominating elements.

The inherent culture and traditions in the restaurant create a true sense of legitimacy of the Middle Eastern religion, an objective they have managed to realize.

Their menu includes food in several categories: soups & salads, mezza (otherwise known as appetizers), lunch, main courses, sides, as well as desserts and drinks.

From the time I entered the restaurant to the time the food in front of me was gone, aromatic beauty swept through my senses.

One Lebanese tradition is to sip tea throughout your meal. Try it and there will be no need to question why. It’s absolutely splendid!

The tea was placed on a shiny, rounded plate inside a cute little teapot, which kept it warm throughout the course. The first taste delivers a mix of mint and honey, and the acidic flavor resembles a bundle of sweet candy.

About half an hour had passed before I could make a decision of what to eat. It was due to my own bewilderment because the entire menu was seductive for my hungry tummy.


I had the pleasure to try their Chicken Tajine and Shish Kebab from the main course menu.

The dishes was accompanied by savory sides such as hummus, french fries, rice, and of course pita.

Since their opening on August 26, many satisfied customers have spread the word about the warm, welcoming experience.

One waiter, J.C. believes the clamor will travel on an ascending slope.

“We have been very busy since we opened,” he said. “People fill up the place every day, and the feedback we have gotten is very pleasing.”

Kan Zaman has a divided eating area – 10 tables inside with a capacity of approximately 30 guests, and a romantic, cozy dining area on an outside patio with a extended ceiling above to make the setting even more lovable.

Intimacy is a powerful description to use in this context, but with no negative connotation in mind. The area is rather small, but there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy their meal and their company.

For dessert I tried their baklava – a traditional Morrocon cake filled with almonds and honey, layered on a thin, pastry-looking flatbread.

J.C. told me to leave a glass of tea for dessert, as he knew the reaction I would experience when combining the two. No need to say more than it matched – extremely well.

The restaurant had a clean bathroom, a smiling staff offering their time to serve their customers, food varieties ranging from a ordinary crepe at Fort Street to a late supper at Chili’s.

Last but not least, marvelous food. This will not be my last visit.

Photos via Kan Zaman on Yelp.