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Miina Huotari: Word of the day

    By Miina Huotari - Student Body President. October 10, 2013 - 11:59 am



Now that a new academic year for everyone has started it is good to take a look at ourselves and define our goals. What is it that I want to achieve this year? Do I want to keep going the path I have been going so far, or do I want to take a whole new direction? New beginnings are always refreshing and the energy that is going around the campus is almost like caffeine on a slow morning.

This year HPU is taking some new directions. We will hopefully see the Aloha Tower project to move on with next steps soon. The Campus Master Plan has started and is moving forward with determination. It has been an interesting process be part of. It was good to see the efforts that were made to reach out to the HPU community to hear the voices of the people who see the everyday life of all campuses.

It is now the time to have an impact on the future of our institution, and create the legacy that will carry over to future generations.

It is now the time to have an impact on the future of our institution, and create the legacy that will carry over to future generations. For us, students taking part in the development of our institution we do ourselves a favor by investing to something that will effect to the value of our degree later when we move on to our career paths. What is the institution like you want to say you graduated from?

HPU was recently recognized to be the most diverse university in the nation. That is one of the things that make HPU a special institution and we can see that in our student population. Since the Orientation week when I have been meeting and talking to new and continuing students, I have become more convinced with the fact that in our community everyone can be what they are, dress how they want, have differing world views, and still get along.

However, there is still some work to do. When an institution gets older and grows, it is sometimes easy to stay with the old comfortable path. What changes is that the student today is a different kind of student than 30 years ago. Every generation has something new to bring to the community, and that is what makes personal and institutional growing exciting. We can all push the boundaries for even more open environment, with high levels of transparency and tolerance.

Sometimes it is hard to move on from something old that we are used to, but change is usually a good thing. HPU shines in diversity – the next step is to get out of the comfort zone and take a new direction to something new. This is not about me, this is not about you, this is about us and how we see each other.

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