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Top 10 Halloween trends this year

    By Michelle Løken. October 17, 2013 - 2:46 pm


Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to start figuring out if you want to be Sexy Sherlock, Sexy Vampire or Sexy Ted Cruz for this year’s block parties in Chinatown, Waikiki and Restaurant Row. Here are some of this year’s trends.


It is not a big shocker that the zombie costume is still a part of the top ten. You can look as horrible you can ever imagine seeing yourself, and still be considered awesome. We also have several movies and series, everything from Resident Evil to The Walking Dead (and so much more) to thank for this. For this costume you don’t even have to spend a lot of money; find some old clothing you are not very fond of anymore, tear it up, roll it in the dirt, and all you have to think about is the makeup, and you have to work on that zombie-walk.



People still love vampires, and in fact, according to this is number two on the top trends for this year’s Halloween. Vampires are still scary, at least some of them. We can again thank the wonders of the big screen for this. I believe ever since Dracula was a big hit, vampires roamed Halloween.

Twilight is also responsible. I know the sparkly Edward Cullen with his big topaz-colored eyes is not the scariest person on earth, but the Volturi can make you believe in scary vampires again  — with all the head-ripping and plotting to kill all the nice vampires.

On the bright side, if you do choose to dress up as a vampire from the Twilight-series, all you have to do is to maybe buy some red, topaz, or black contacts and white powder.

Don’t worry about the glitter if you go out after dark, they do not sparkle in the dark.



Most people love a good superhero, and I would probably give the credit to the comic books, but I guess Hollywood can take some credit for the heroes we see today. Wolverine, the rest of the X-Men, The Avengers, Shield, and The Justice League will probably be the most seen superheroes this Halloween, and maybe Spider-Man. Although, I would choose a superhero who is awesome, maybe Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman, or Superman.


This costume theme is not always the most popular on Halloween. However, I would be surprised if Game of Thrones did not make a big enough impact on its many viewers. Surely it has seduced them to dress up as their favorite character. This type of costume might be a bit difficult to make as a DIY-project, unless you know how to slay a bear or something (there is a lot of fur to be seen at times). Nevertheless, the World Wide Web is full of amazing costumes, where this category is on a high scale.


Fairytale characters

Halloween is a great excuse to dress up as your favorite childhood fairytale character, and maybe make it a little sexy. Red Riding Hood, Snow White,  and Sleeping Beauty always make an appearance on Halloween. Although I would like to believe mostly girls dress up as this, I have even spotted a couple of guys dressing up as fairytale princesses. This trend does seem to take the cute and innocent out of the costumes, and tweak them to be sexier and daring.



Halloween is supposed to be a night full of horror, tricks, and bad eggs. When Batman: The Dark Knight hit the theatres, many dressed up as the super-villain, The Joker. The phrase “Why so serious?” was told everywhere. So which villain will it be this year?

The Joker will probably still be a part of Halloween, but next to that a couple of Disney villains enters the stage as well. Maleficent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty? The Evil Queen Ravenna, the witch in Snow White? Both costumes are one of the top movie villain sellers for women in the costume shops. My theory is that this is because of Snow White and the Huntsman, and the upcoming movie Maleficent.

Also, General Zod from Superman is a top hit for villains. No wonder, he looks kind of scary.



Who does not want to be a completely different person for one night? If you could choose any celebrity, who would you be? Michael Jackson (rest in peace) always shows up on Halloween, either in his signature Thriller costume or in the black Balmain suit he was so fond of. Lady Gaga makes an appearance every so often on Halloween.

Katy Perry’s special colored wigs and costumes featured in several of her music videos also climbs up the ladder of the most popular celebrity costumes.

Is it even necessary to mention Elvis or Hugh Hefner?  Classics.


Monster Inc.

Believe it or not, after Monster University hit the big screen, costume sellers have these different monsters on their best seller list. These non-scary creatures will make their appearance, and my guess is there will be a lot of them.


What are you dressing up as? 


Photos: Maren Bjoergum