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Debate Team – Claremont Open Tournament

    By Shay Kauwe. October 29, 2013 - 2:01 pm


Hawaii Pacific University’s Debate Team returned from the Claremont Open Tournament with a new traveling team and new memories.

HPU Sophomore, Ashllyn Melo-Pang was chosen to travel to California for the tournament with her partner, Pegah Maham, an exchange student at HPU from Germany.

“I was pretty proud of what we did,” Melo-Pang said. “And I was happy to be working with Pegah. We can really see the progress.”

Coming off of an unprecedented and surprising advancement at the 2013World University Debating Championship in La Verne California, the debate team is looking to push for further success by training many new members.

Kyle Nov-Riley, a Freshman at HPU was able to participate in his first collegiate debate tournament at Claremont with his partner Tiffany Lee and were able to win several rounds against teams that have been debating for years on the national circuit.

“I have learned more politics, more economics, more history, and more communication skills in one round of debate than any one year of high school,” said Nov-Riley.

Lee and Nov-Riley were just three points away from making the Semi-Final round. “Claremont University was incredibly inviting and their debate tournament was an exciting, invigorating, challenge! The awesomeness of the entire debate community is pretty unbeatable,” said Lee.