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Sweet message behind little book

    By Joanna Georgiev. November 25, 2013 - 9:30 am


The Cupcake Theory is a sweet book, literally.

This little gem is full of wonderful illustrations and is easy to digest. The message in The Cupcake Theory makes it a perfect book to keep handy when we need an uplifting reminder. It shares a lesson about loving ourselves in order to foster a healthy romantic relationship with another.

Author Clara Lee, a former graduate of Boston University who currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif., has spent years in the art and entertainment industry. Recently Lee launched her first book about romantic relationships and self worth. In her book Lee makes a sweet analogy between cupcakes and people.

Within her colorfully illustrated book she stresses that the key ingredient to happiness in relationships is to have a solid foundation and love who we are as individuals.

The Cupcake Theory emphasizes that the relationship with oneself determines how happy one is with others. Our desire for love should start with ourselves for the moment we loose sight of who we are we loose control of our relationship.

“When we are in a relationship, we should be the decadent, and sweet foundation, just like a perfectly baked cupcake. Our partner should be the excitement, the complementary element that adds to and evoke the best in us, just like the sprinkles and frosting on a cupcake.”

Aside from the frosting, you should be able to hold your own, have a solid foundation of your values and beliefs and be proud of who you are.

Are you in a relationship right now? Take a step back…is your partner overpowering or is she/he enhancing your qualities?

Lee illustrates different types of relationships with various types of cupcakes and frostings to illustrate to us the need for balance. Are you letting the frosting get the best of you? Does your partner celebrate you or does your partner smother you with too much frosting?

Next time you go to bite into a cupcake will you think twice? Take control of your relationship…when you feel lost remember that your partner fell in love with who you are.

Order a signed copy  http://www.cupcaketheorybook.com/home.html

Photo by Joanna Georgiev