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Lama girl debuts on screen in latest Hawaii 5-0 episode

    By Joanna Georgiev. January 11, 2014 - 5:55 pm


It’s always been a dream of mine to pursue acting. In high school I was a theatre geek. Once I started HPU I put my dream aside and I focused on a “real” career. Now that its my last semester at HPU in the MA-COM program I’ve decided that I should try and give it one last shot before the real world begins and I have to start paying off those student loans!

In November I had the chance to work on set with Hawaii Five-0. In its forth season, the television series is going strong!

When I received word of being chosen to play the small role of the girlfriend in one of the scenes, I was speechless. It was my first time auditioning for a television show. I kept it on the down low and told only a handful of people. But hey, now I figured I would share my experience since it officially debuted on national television last night.

My experience started with my audition at the casting building and once I received a call that I received the part I was scheduled for fitting.

I tried on various outfits, and was styled by a professional stylist. Each photo we took was sent directly to the producer and within minutes he chose the outfit he wanted me to wear. On my way back I saw Daniel Dae Kim practicing his fighting skills for one of the scenes. He was looking pretty tough!


Lets just say the day of the shooting I was pretty nervous! They told me to be there at 10:30 so I got there at 10 just in case. In the art’s realm, on time is late and early is on time!

As I was being directed to my trailer, I saw Alex McLaughlin (McGarrett) and we exchanged hellos. Yes, ladies, he is as good looking in person as he is on TV!

I spent many hours in the trailer aswell as makeup and hair. I found that walking around and talking with the other cast calmed my nerves and made the time go by faster. Lets just say there is a lot of “hurry up and wait!” We didn’t wrap up till 9pm.

Private shuttles took us to the location where we were shooting, beverages and every snack imaginable was on set and everyone was very helpful.


Once on set it was down to business. There was little room for error and we were on a tight schedule. I admired director Peter Weller, best known for his role as the main character in the first two RoboCop films, for his artistic style and expertise. He had a vision and really knew what direction he wanted things to go in.  For my particular scene we shot for 3 hours, resetting various times for b-roll and different angles. All the footage is then cut down to a couple of minutes or less!

Each move, phrase and facial expression had to be accurate because cameras were staged accordingly.

I won’t forget how much support I felt after we finished filming. The director made an announcement and the rest of the film crew and production staff clapped.

All the voices for the show had to be taped in a studio afterwards. I was off island at the time, so the voice you hear in the episode is actually someone else’s.

Regardless, countless hours, sweat, and emotions make up for a stimulating day on set. I have a newfound appreciation for the hard work that goes into television. The work that is put into each episode to provide viewers with a compelling viewing experience is beyond belief. I feel honored to have been part of Hawaii Five-0.

The episode O kela me keia Manawa can be seen online at

One Response to Lama girl debuts on screen in latest Hawaii 5-0 episode

  1. Nina Dorthea

    January 11, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Way to go, Joanna! Loved reading about your experience, seems like you had a great time 😉