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Chinatown Scrub Down

    By Doo Young Ra. February 11, 2014 - 1:58 pm


What are the words that pop into your head when you think of Chinatown? Homeless, dirty, trash, scary, drugs, etc. I am sure the list goes on and on. Well, we cannot change all that in one day. However, we can start changing things one by one and work our way up!

Wouldn’t it feel good to help out the community at the start of each month? Did you? We did!

HPU CAB (Campus Activity Board) started the month off right by cleaning up Chinatown!

On an early Saturday morning (Feb. 1), when most people want to catch up on some sleep, CAB members took to the Chinatown streets for the Chinatown Scrubdown.

In our lifetime, how many opportunities do we get to help the community and make a difference?


The clouds made it look like it would rain, but it made the way better since it wasn’t too hot walking around. Thankfully, it didn’t rain until after the event came to a close.

More than 140 turned out for the Chinatown Scrubdown, and more than 50 were from HPU (we had to divide ourselves into two teams).

There were people picking up trash, getting rid of staples in the wall from posters, and painting over the graffiti, as well.

From 8 to 10 a.m., volunteers worked hard to clean up Chinatown. Volunteers were provided breakfast and free T-shirts.

Other organizations involved included Arts District Merchants Association (ADMA) and the City’s Adopt a Block Program.

While I was getting rid of staples, I noticed that some of them had layers upon layers stuck together and some were even painted over.

I knew there would be a lot of staples, since many promoters put up posters, but if the people who took the posters down took the staples lone with them, and volunteers wouldn’t have to spend their Saturday morning getting rid of them.

I hope when people watch the news about Chinatown, they will be more careful and responsible. I don’t think its fair for those people who spend time cleaning up Chinatown to be there to clean up the mess of others. People are smart enough to know that trash needs be disposed of, not thrown onto the street – and they can take down the staples when they take off the posters.

It felt really good to be part of something that actually helps the community, especially since Chinatown plays host to many major events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, block parties and more.

I hope Chinatown will get cleaned up soon enough, so people coming from outside of Hawaii will have the image of Chinatown as a clean and entertaining spot in Honolulu.

In addition, members of CAB were on TV! Check out KITV’s report right here.

Photo: Hallvard Kolltveit

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