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Chinese New Year marks the year of the horse

    By Joanna Georgiev. February 12, 2014 - 8:37 am


The saying Gung Hee Fat Choy encompasses the promise of good luck, happiness, longevity and prosperity for the New Year.

Chinese New Year begins January 31 and is celebrated over period of 15 days.

This year marks the year of the horse, one of the Chinese zodiac animals. The origin of the zodiac and Chinese New Year tells of the Jade Emperor who ordered animals be brought to him from earth. At the appointed time twelve animals showed up. The Rat received first place on the zodiac because he came in with the ox and was playing a flute on his back. The following animals came and the Emperor gave them positions on the zodiac in the order of their arrival.

The horse, positioned as the seventh animal of the zodiac, if one is born in the year of the horse they are said to be free-spirited, independent, and energetic strong minded, trustworthy, exuberant, extemporaneous, cheerful, romantic and cunning. A horse person is said to be a great listener, and sincere and emotional. Horses too house craves for social interaction and attention.

The horse in Chinese astrology symbolizes a fortunate year. It represents power, strength, and a hero in China because of important battles won by the strength of the horse.

Despite which zodiac sign you are, the wood horse year symbolizes a year of victories, spontaneous adventure, and surprising romance for all. This year will be a year of great energy and getting things done.

“The upcoming Horse year is also a ‘yang wood’ year, when people will stick more to their principles and stand firm,” said Feng Shui practitioner Raymold Lo in an interview with Reuters.

It is said that on a global scale some economies will become stronger while others experience chaos. Astrologer Susan Lewitt says that because things will move swiftly one must stay focused and make decisive actions because you don’t want to gallop off in the wrong directions.

This year, make decisions aggressively, act fast, travel the world, take a leap and fly. It is said that the magical Chinese Horse is flying in the celestial clouds and bringing us peace and blessings.

Photo: Nonstop Honolulu