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14th annual Mardi Gras festival

    By Torstein Lund Eik. March 7, 2014 - 6:00 pm

Mardi Gras3

The 14th annual Chinatown Mardi Gras festival took place this past Tuesday (Fat Tuesday, which marks the start of Lent), and brought thousands of spectators into the colorful and vibrant world that is Mardi Gras.

With food trucks and booths lining up to sell the participants everything from pulled pork sandwiches, macaroons or Cajun shrimp jambalaya – it was a feast for most senses.

Feather boas, wigs, beads, hats and masks really did their part in creating the Mardi Gras atmosphere, and many people were seen dancing samba in the streets.

Some lucky kids even got some hands-on experience as entertainers, as they had their own little dance recital in front of many excited onlookers.

Mardi Gras4

During the block party, which ran from 6 to 10 p.m., there were two parades through Nuuanu Avenue, where floats filled with dancers and a fluorescent flamethrower could be seen.

Brazilian music filled the streets, and as the samba dancers passed through the parade, one could not help but be awed by the level of rhythm performers had.

After the block party ended, probably to the excitement of residents, most of the participants made their way into the many bars of Chinatown to continue the celebration.

It was a fantastic night, and it’s a shame that the next one isn’t until next year.

Mardi Gras2

Mardi Gras

Photos courtesy of Torstein Lund Eik.