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Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new president

    By Mark Brians. March 31, 2014 - 1:43 pm


In a yellow sweater and matching sneakers, the SGA president elect stares back at me through vintage-rimmed glasses with deep sea-colored eyes. The bright Sardinian has only recently started her studies at HPU after completing her associate’s degree on the mainland, but has, in an unopposed election, become our future student body president.

Her name is Bruna Iacuzzi, and she looks toward her role as SGA president with the intention of “doing everything to the best of her abilities.”

She has a long history in leadership beginning when she came to the States several years ago at the age of 16. She studied English and the liberal arts and sciences. Over the course of years to follow she became active at her community college, Johnson County Community College, as an elected leader. She led and managed a student body of approximately 20,000 students and directed extracurricular leadership development programs during her time there.

Now, as a student in Hawaii, she wants to continue the former SGA administration’s sustainable emphasis making sure that global leadership and sustainability remain top priorities for the university as it makes its transition to Aloha Tower Marketplace.

In addition to her work and studies in international leadership, Iacuzzi loves cooking, surfing and hiking. Her goal is to one day assist her beloved island home in tourism management, making sure to apply the hard-learned lessons from her experiences in Hawaii’s tourism economy to the developing situation in Sardinia. Her passion is to unite the agricultural, food and beverage, and tourist industries into a cohesive, cooperative economic force so as to build a sustainable future for the island region.

While she is here however, she promises to turn that passion and energy towards leading HPU well as our community continues making the transitions, which have and will continue to shape the course of this institution.

Photo: Maren Bjoergum