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HPU presents: Heritage

    By Keisha Lewis. April 11, 2014 - 1:13 pm


If you’ve always wanted to watch a play on our beloved 16th president’s life, Heritage is a must.

It was another successful production for Joyce Maltby on opening night April 4, with a full house and an impressed audience.

Set in 19th century America, the audience followed the lives of the key figures of Abraham Lincoln’s life without actually seeing the president. In fact, although Lincoln made no official entrance, his presence was very much present throughout the play. The intimate theatre and superb cast of eight did an excellent job of bringing the audience personally with them on their journeys.

However, a notable excellence was in displaying the positive influence the female characters had on the president’s life. It was a refreshing change to view a play with such strong female leads, who although weren’t perfect showed perseverance and true human strength in the most beautiful of forms. All actors showed exceeding amounts of talent, but the female characters are the ones to pay attention to.

Although the play took place in a few different settings, the stage had little to no decorations. One would think this worked against them, but in fact, the plainness added to the portrayal of “the struggle” that the characters experienced. The times the characters faced were those of economic struggle and hardship, so the absence of an elaborate set up helped this visual.

This historical performance will continue until April 27. Further information on Heritage can be found here.

Photo courtesy of HPU Theatre’s Facebook page.