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Kawaii Kon celebrated its 10th anniversary this past weekend

    By Torstein Lund Eik. April 15, 2014 - 11:39 am


Kawaii Kon celebrated its 10th anniversary this past weekend, and Rebecca Zuckor was well prepared for a three-day cosplay extravaganza.

Along with thousands of others, Zuckor and friends lined up to get their passes on Friday and were ready to start the weekend. Registration for the event went smoothly, and a change in how the convention center was divided was a fresh change for the convention.

“I liked that the downstairs was artist’s alley and dealers hall together, as opposed to separate upstairs,” Zuckor says. “I’d say it definitely felt bigger.”

At the artists hall people could have paintings commissioned by local artists, and buy other pieces of their work, and Zuckor saw an opening.

“I ended up buying a couple of posters from the artists alley, probably a couple of hundred dollars worth,” she says. “I even bought a commission of both me and my friend in our outfits – drawn in ‘Adventure Time’ style.”

Zuckor had the weekend completely planned out costume-wise: Friday she would be going as Roy Mustang from the “Full Metal Alchemist” series, Saturday she would be sporting the suit of Mikasa from “Attack on Titan,” and on Sunday it was time for a personal favorite: Monkey D. Luffy from “One Piece.”


Responses from the other attendees were varied. Friday’s costume was from an older anime, and didn’t get as much attention, but she got a lot more response for the other two.

“The second day we got quite a few compliments, and people took photos of us,”

Zuckor notes. “The third day was my favorite. One girl was super excited and told us we were ‘the most accurate of all the costumes at the convention.’ I think that was the favorite all around, both by me and others.”

Zuckor and her friend, cosplaying Zoro from the “One Piece” anime, were clearly popular. She was far from the only one cosplaying at the convention, and the Crocodile, also from “One Piece”, and Dante from the Devil May Cry videogames, caught her eye.

“I liked them especially because they did really well in making the outfits accurate, props and all,” Zuckor explains. “They even looked and acted like the characters. It was beautiful!”

Not long after they got inside the actual convention, photographers and fans were swarming around them.

“No one gave us business cards or anything, but the Honolulu Museum of Art did take our photos,” Zuckor notes. “We even signed model releases, so if they use our photos for anything they’ll contact us. That might be one of the highlights!”

All photos by Torstein Lund Eik.

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