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MSIS students awarded for completion of Transformation Internship Program

    By Sanjeev Ranabhat. May 1, 2014 - 11:12 am


HPU’s MSIS (Master of Science and Information Systems) first- and second-year students were awarded a letter of appreciation for successfully completing the state’s Transformation Internship Program (TIP). 

The award was presented by Gov. Neil Abercrombie Monday at the State Capitol auditorium.

The TIP program, which started a year ago, is an innovative internship program where students from different universities work alongside with state officials. The young program was nominated for “State IT Program of the Year” last month.

More than 30 HPU students were enrolled in the TIP this semester and worked in various departments such as Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS), and Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) to name a few.

The governor said he hoped students found this internship valuable.

“I trust and I hope that you’ll have concluded individually and as a whole, that this transformation internship program is not only valuable to you, but valuable I hope as a continuing viaduct, if you will, for information going out to a broader public,” he said.

During a three-month internship program, students from HPU and other universities participated in weekly meetings, where guests and department heads were invited to share their experiences with the interns.  In some events, interns also visited the archive department, State Capitol and the data center.

This year, HPU students built an online training application system for the state’s HR department, a database system for the department of archives, and also helped on the state-of-the-art technology project for the project management office.

Rohan De Silva, MBA and MSIS dual student and TIP participant said it was a good networking opportunity for him.  Sanjeev

“I found the guest speakers session to be useful because it brought experiences of people who are in various levels of management,” De Silva said. “Meeting people from various business and department provided networking opportunities.”

TIP was just started a year ago under the OIMT (Office of Information and Management and Technology ) under the State Chief Information Officer Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia. In February he was promoted to the state’s Chief Adviser for Technology and Cyber Security.

Bhagowalia received prestigious “Federal 100 Award” and was named top CIO officer in the US this year. 

Leila Kagawa, DHRD deputy director, thanked the university and praised HPU students for the participation.

“The students that have come through the program have been very very skilled, very good work with, and we hope for more of you to come and join us,” Kagawa said. “We are really impressed with the quality of work you guys are doing.”

Kagawa said the ultimate goal of the state internship program is to expand to all colleges on the island and neighbor islands.

MSIS Professor Dr. Cathrine Linnes, who has been partnering her software engineering classes with the state since 2011, admired the relationship with the State of Hawaii.

“I am extremely pleased with the long lasting relationships we have been able to form over the years with State of Hawaii officials,” she stated. “They graciously have opened their doors and have given our MSIS students a golden opportunity to learn about state government work as well as an opportunity for us to showcase our work.

“Most importantly it is a good opportunity for us to give back to the community. “

On a concluding note, Gov. Abercrombie said the internship program may have concluded, but it’s the “beginning of a relationship that you will have with us. Perhaps some of will be inspired enough or stimulated enough to wanna participate with us in future.”

Photos by Sanjeev Ranabhat.

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