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Outspoken Club at HPU

    By Contributing Writers. November 7, 2011 - 5:50 pm

OUTSpoken, HPU’s LBGTQIA (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered, questioning, intersex, allies) Cooperative, is back and its got BIG things planned for this year.

In September we elected four new officials: Ladimir Geake and Alex Lawrence (yours truly) as Super Spice and Galactic Spice (Co-Chairs); James Bowen as Money-Spice (Treasurer), and Ashana Armstrong as Ink Spice (Secretary).

First order of business as the new Council of Fierce of OUTSpoken is to create a family of members and then make a family out of HPU.

So far we have had a successful National Coming Out Day in early October where we hosted a table giving out free rainbow ribbon pins to any one who wanted to sign and “come out” as whoever they were.  (Someone came out as a Beiber fan).

You’ll see us next at the Toga Fest on Nov. 19 helping the Campus Activities Board sell tickets and toga it up with you.

 We are planning a dance or two with other HPU clubs, and UH’s Healthy United Sexualities Club (HUSC).

Next we plan to host a Glee Marathon, as well as work with Life Foundation for World AIDS Day on Thursday, Dec.1.

The big picture or goal for OUTSpoken is to create an atmosphere that is accepting and knowledgeable to LGBTQIA individuals, and also to eventually have a drag show (who among you is fiercest of them all?)

Our club is here to establish an atmosphere where you can be whoever you want and to tell you to let those board shorts, skinny jeans, and glittery nail polish fly, baby!

OUTSpoken is open to people from ALL walks of life at our school. We have meetings every Friday in FS 307 at 4:00 p.m.

So come on by and bring a friend or six. We’ll be writing regularly in the Kalamalama for our OUTspoken Column, covering everythting LGBTQIA Sea Warriors would want to read, from dating tips and current issues, to local gay events.

Be sure to pick up the next copy and see what we’re talking about.

Also, check out and join our  Facebook group ‘Outspoken @ HPU’ for the list of events that we have planned, discussion posts and for updates on the club.

Student writer