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Interview with Alisha Wheeler

    By Silje Lie Solland. November 3, 2014 - 11:28 am

Alisha Wheeler

Born in Japan, raised in Hawai‘i, 19 year old Alisha Mari Wheeler is an aspiring artist as well as a devout nursing student. Though much of her time is spent pursuing her nursing degree, she always finds spare moments for drawing and creating beautiful art for the world to enjoy.

At first, Alisha thought Multimedia Cinematic Production at HPU was the right path for her to take. One day she figured out that her choice did not feel right. 

“I don’t enjoy creating concepts for people. My dad kept pushing on me to draw logos for companies and stuff and it just wasn’t fun.”

She recently switched her major into nursing, and she is thrilled about it.



Ever since Alisha was young, she has been drawing and sketching various characters.

As she recalls, “I was always passionate about drawing since I was young. I used to get manuals from video games, and I would always look at the characters and try to mimic the characters through drawing them. The earliest I can remember I’ve been drawing (is) 2nd grade, but I didn’t take it seriously until summer of my junior year in high school.”

Alisha’s passion for her art glows as she talks about what is a huge part of her life. What really makes it special for her is the idea of Art becoming a reality through our imagination.

“Take something out of nothing and then you just put it on a paper and others can experience what you’re experiencing. That is the best part.”


From doodling on paper to greater dreams, Alisha has ambitions for her artwork. 

“What I was really passionate about was drawing stories, so I wanted to start a web comic that I am making a concept now called  ‘Far From Home’. I just started it over the summer, and that is kind of what I want as my end project for when I graduate from college. My brother helps me out a lot and I appreciate that very much.”

Another project Alisha has in the works is ‘Project Positivity’. This is a creative initiative to spread positivity to people, and inspire other artists.

Project Positivity

Project Positivity

“I am starting something called ‘Project Positivity’. It’s an Art raffle. You are on a social media site, and if you’re an artist you can offer your Art. And then people would maybe comment or share, depending on the rules that you set, they would get a raffle ticket. Once the deadline is over you would randomly pick from everybody who entered [sic] and then you would draw a piece of Art for the winner. For example, to get a ticket you have to share a story of kindness that you’ve done or that has happened to you.”

Even though nothing makes Alisha happier than creating and inspiring, she also confesses that an artist is often confronted by many problems. One of these is the artistic struggle of sometimes having her ideas and visuals work better in her head than on paper.

“It’s like saying something out loud and oh that sounded better in my head.”

She adds that it can sometimes be hard to keep up motivation, especially when put into competition with others.

“It’s really hard to continue your art when you can see other “better” artists. But you just tell yourself you don’t compare yourself to other artists. When you love what you do it doesn’t really matter.”

In the midst of her many projects, aspirations and dreams, Alisha has at least one goal that she is dead-set on finishing, and that is graduating.

After her degree, she wants to move somewhere that has all four seasons and have a job she enjoys as well as continuing to create art.


Photos by Silje Lie Solland.