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Haunted Halls at Hawaii Loa

    By Naomi Stewart. November 12, 2014 - 11:11 pm


I had no voice at the end of October 26. I honestly screamed the majority of that night from frightening others to being frightened myself. Haunted Halls is an event in which residents of the Hawaii Loa Campus come together and build their own haunted houses. The goal, of course, is to have the scariest and most creative house. The reward—500 points.

Each dorm hall competes against one another to gain points throughout the school year and Haunted Halls is one of the largest competitions for each dorm to participate in. With a reasonable budget and the creative minds of students, halls were able to create truly amazing and terrifying displays.

I am a resident of the Melia dorm, so I was able to not only witness other halls but also take part in one as well. Our hall theme was American Horror Story. Every floor was themed as each of the three different seasons. The first floor being Asylum, second Coven, and third Freakshow. I took part in the Asylum floor and had the best time adding the scary effects of slamming doors and changing the lighting. Although I was not a key character, I still enjoyed working together with my hall and building camaraderie through teamwork.


Other halls I viewed were Lehua, Kukui, and Lokelani. Each of their displays were creative and inventive. Lehua had the theme of the Purge where they delineated scenes from the movie. I liked theirs because they placed you inside their story as if you were a character.

Kukui’s was much darker and honestly terrified me. In their hall was where most of my voice went away. Their R.A, Shawn Crowley, welcomed each group with an amusing story of how he was going to quit because his hall was “the worst!” Upon entering Kukui, I saw a display of a crazy man whispering nothings. As I began to ascend to the next floor, there are people who appear out of nowhere to scare my group and I. Reaching the second floor, there is a maze and strobe lights. The only way out is through the maze and throughout the whole time we were unexpectedly chased, jumped out at, grabbed at, and screeched at. I was most definitely sprinting out of that hall.


The third hall I witnessed was Lokelani. I liked theirs because the flow in which we had to get through their hall was very inventive. The first floor, I could barely remember because I was focusing on dodging all of the pop-ups present. On the second floor, you were required to pass a scene of people making a gruesome sacrifice. Then you had to enter a room, but most of us were hesitant to enter that room.

To get us in that room, a terrifying character chased us. The door was shut. There was no way out but through this room with a creepy girl playing with blood and into the bathroom. We were then locked in the bathroom, waiting, until a grudge-like character appeared from the shower. This was my favorite part given that it frightened me the most. She looked at us like the grudge and then rapidly crawled at us from the shower. I can’t remember much after that from being so scared.


Overall, I enjoyed each hall I saw and even my own hall was exciting to be a part of. I commend Residence Life and the RAs for helping to make this event happen. I know many students devoted a lot of time in these haunted houses. I want to congratulate the Melia Hall for taking home the victory and I also want to applaud each of the other halls. You all were awesome!


All photos by Naomi Stewart.