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10 Things We Miss About Fall

    By Sam Avina. November 17, 2014 - 9:42 am

fall leaves

Hawai‘i is one of the most beautiful places on Earth receiving constant sunshine and good vibes, but sometimes those of us from the mainland have to ask: where did the seasons go?

In Hawai‘i the rain is what indicates our shift to fall! Here we’ll talk about 10 things to miss about fall from an array of places back home on the mainland and to just remember that although fun in the sun is what we all love, a little cold never bothered us anyway!

woods new england

1. Getting to wear clothes actually meant for fall/winter season

Okay this is just a simple fact. Getting to dress for fall is one of my favorite styles during the year because you get to match so many things together and the color scheme is fantastic. Bundling up in cute sweaters, scarfs, and beanies makes for perfect on the go snuggling without any blankets out in the cold. A little layering can go a long way.

big pumpkin2. Pumpkin Everything

Even though we get pumpkin spice lattes at our local Starbucks, not everything gets a pumpkin overdose as it does on the mainland –especially over on the East coast. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin seasoning, pumpkin cookies … must I keep going?

3. The Colors

Like I mentioned before, fall colors are gorgeous and are a nice, yearly indication that autumn is in full swing. The earth-tones, bright yellows, deep golds, and burning shades of red, not only act an indicator of fall, but also announce the holiday events that are just around the corner.


4. Apples… Apples for days

This one is for all my friends from the Mid-West who are aching for some good old apple cider (homemade of course, none of that store-bought stuff). Apple cider is a big thing there on the mainland and it’s not uncommon for many families to make their own cider and for many communities to go to festivals all about apples and the yummy cider they make! I’ve tried the stuff and I definitely recommend everyone try it at least once, it’s actually pretty good.

5. Thanksgiving

Ah yes, that wonderful time of year where you give thanks for a great year surrounded by family. Followed by stuffing your face until you can’t possibly pick up that last piece of turkey …. but oh wait … there’s still pie. And while we can still celebrate Thanksgiving in Hawai‘i, it’s just not the same without the chill, foggy breaths, sweaters and a fireplace.

fall road

6. TV show premieres

So when we’re not busy being the best academically motivated students of HPU, I think we all live for TV shows and Netflix. Fall season is always abundantly filled with new season premieres that we’ve all been waiting for including: Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, and my personal favorite, American Horror Story.

Portland Head Light - Cape Elizabeth, ME

Portland Head Light – Cape Elizabeth, ME

7. It actually gets cold

Here in Hawai‘i we start to complain when the temperature gets to 60 degrees or lower. However some of us that come from real cold in places like Europe, the Mid west, and the East coast, don’t even wince and will actually feel some nostalgia for the cold season.

coffee8. Enjoying a hot drink

I always enjoy a hot cup of tea every morning before school, but when it starts to get colder that’s when I really appreciate its warmth and feel that fall season is here. But in Hawai‘i it just means that the surf swell is awesome, so you should probably go grab a board and head to the North Shore.

9. Halloween

Although it already passed, Halloween is a definite marker of fall season where you literally get to dress up as whatever you want and have a fun night on a random school day. On the mainland the cold adds to the creepiness. It can be one of the first nights we realize how cold it has gotten … in Hawai‘i, it’s a rather sweaty affair.


10. Snuggle season is upon us

Last but not certainly not least, is the grandmaster of all fall season traditions: snuggling! Whether it’s with your friends and family, significant other, or simply riding solo, nothing beats the classic image of snuggling up on the couch on a cold night under the blankets having a good time.


Photos courtesy of Maine residents, Brian & Elaina Duquette.

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  1. Gramma

    November 17, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    very nice topics.. I love the way this writer writes.. I can really get into her thought .. Way to go Sam… Love,, your Gramma… 🙂