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Power of the Pen

    By Naomi Stewart. February 11, 2015 - 4:37 pm


Power of the Pen

in response to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

I remember when the pen was innovative–
Wrote the classics,
Composed the epics,
Scribbled satirical plays and poems.

I remember when the pen was thoughtful–
Pondered philosophy,
Questioned the impossible,
Challenged the norm.

I remember when the pen was sword–
Slayed injustice,
Decapitated corruption,
Massacred the malevolent.

Once an ink-soaked quill,
Now pen is gun.
Firing bullets
of prose,
of poetry,
of illustration and expression–
free expression.

Now, enemy fired
with tangible bullets
of hatred,
of pride,
of cruelty,
The pages bleeds,
The comics cry in agony.

Now blood-soaked, the page
is stained red
red seeps into each word
and for a moment
the message is no longer seen.

Another moment,
the page,
like a sponge, absorbs each blow
and the message becomes coherent,

In hundreds
in thousands
in millions and more!

All for expression.

All for humanity.

All for freedom.

Je suis Charlie.


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Illustration by Jean Julian.