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The Face of God

    By Naomi Stewart. April 10, 2015 - 3:40 pm

As I am down below,
Inside this urban facade,
I look up to see and search for the face of God.
The pollution and clouds cover the sky.
The honks and horns drown out Your voice.
Your moist presence has now gone dry,
And many more believe in a different choice.

So I decided to leave this level,
This human-desperation pod.
I climbed the mountain, reached it’s summit
and looked up to see the face of God.
The air was fresh, the sky was clear,
I could hear the whispers of your voice.
I cherished this moment, held it dear
Knowing You are the better  choice.

When nighttime came, I looked up again
I was in a daze–something I’m rarely in.
The stars innumerable, the moon in full,
Not a second of this moment ever dull.
But, I kept this secret safe and sound
and glanced above to see your face.
Then, I’d stop to look around
and be enveloped in your grace.

Then, I found a companion of sorts,
Filled with love and mind like mine,
Who spoke of her inclination, but
said it was a waste of time.
Then, I reassured that I
had thought the same.
So, on that very night, we saw written, Jesus name.

We spewed our thoughts and trilled off
beauty as we stared off into the sky,
Like what if stars were holes to heaven and
shooting stars were accepted lives?
And what if the sky was a blanket
that God uses to tuck us in
And the stars, the holes to heaven, were
a way to still see him?
What if the day was God uncovering
the blanket from our face,
To see his power,
To see his beauty,

His unconditional grace?

We thought of these, my friend and I,
Inside our heavenly pod.
Together we shared an intimate moment,
We saw the face of God.

One Response to The Face of God

  1. Donna Melendez

    April 25, 2015 at 10:30 am

    I really liked it I feel like I could relate a lot and she’s an amazing writer has such a way with words you can tell she has a passion for writing and puts her soul in to what she writes! Great job!