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Adams and Eves

    By Naomi Stewart. August 13, 2015 - 10:33 pm

800px-Lucas_Cranach_the_Elder_-_Adam_und_Eva_im_Paradies_(SündenfaMany blacks seem to believe

That blacks and whites were the Adams and Eves of racial sin.

Whites took the forbidden fruit and hung the strange fruit from the tree of life

And that fruit, strange, bloomed today in fire and hatred that we thought was long gone.


But if I am being historically accurate,

It would appear that the Adams and Eves were the Whites and the Indians,

I mean, Native Americans

Don’t mean to discriminate like the whites did to the natives

The whites did to the natives

The whites did

The whites’ privilege


That’s what started it all right? The white privilege, thinking they can take what they want

Do what they what, entitled mutha-

Mary, of Jesus


The focus.


But we are all scattered and the target is blurred in the distance

And all we can see and focus on is what is right in front of us–

The Adams and the Eves of racial sin,

The serpents of the media reeling us in like fish out of water,

We are flapping, gasping for breath

We are blaming each other

We are killing each other, man–

We are all Man

But who are the Adams and the Eves, who started it all, who do we blame?


I wanna get even more historically correct

And say the Adams and the Eves of racial sin, of discrimination, of hatred

Existed long before Americans could recreate a history

Similar to the histories of dynasties and kingdoms and empires centuries before.


I wanna get as historically accurate as I can, so that man can finally find the blame,

So that man can decide who to shoot, who to loot from, who to throw bricks at, who to call racist pigs–

Swine of the devil.


I’ll get historically accurate for our petty desire, our pathetic human desire.


How about the Egyptians and the Israelites?

The Israelites were slaves to those entitled mutha-

Mary, of Jesus


The focus.


This seems to be a pattern

For us to digress in worldly matters

But it’s just that easy to slip and fall and crack your head open on the concrete


Concrete bricks are being thrown and bashing heads of Negros and gringos!

Who are the Adams and the Eves of racial sin!?


As historically accurate as I can be, I’m sure it was the Egyptians and the Israelites,

But their skin was the same, right?

Brownish, blackish, bluish bruises punched into the history of mankind

Ramses, Moses–

They aren’t to blame, they can’t be to blame

Because that would be blaming the blacks,

You know, the people oppressed

You know, the only ones allowed to feel unsettled and cause social unrest,

These entitled mutha-

Mary, of Jesus


The focus.


So it can’t be the blacks, it can’t be the whites, for some reason the other races are irrelevant

And hidden behind closed doors

Like the beatings, and the genocides, and the addiction, and the immorality that exists outside our borders.

I’m sure you fell asleep during that line, my fellow American, because it did not answer your burning question of who’s to blame.


I can get even more factual and historically accurate

To find the Adams and Eves of not only racial sin, but discrimination

I’m talking Cain and Abel, brothers ate at the same table, worked the same land, and shared the same blood

Cain killed Abel

For hatred, for jealousy, for pride

Pride is what yields these tragedies we find to be new for our time but have been happening ever since Adam and Eve.

The Adams and Eves to blame are Adam and Eve

But it does no good to blame because we all are the same

Prideful racist pigs, entitled mutha-

Mary, of Jesus


The focus.


I see Jesus in this current outburst of human nature in Baltimore

I don’t see the battle between races

I see the battle between men

Prideful, resentful, hateful

Trying to get what’s due to them

What they deserve.

We deserve nothing!

We only deserve our sentence to be hung, like strange fruit on the tree that Christ bore for us!

The tree of life, now, the tree of life because we have new life in the death of Christ

And he should be the focus,

And we deserve nothing,

Yet he gives us his love and acceptance

And looks not at our badges, our status, our skin color

Looks not at what we do or what has been done,


He just loves

And loves

And loves.