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    By Naomi Stewart. April 14, 2016 - 7:38 pm


Is bloodthirst zeal worth bloodshed,
Worth tear-shed?
It has already been said and the death toll continues to rise.
There’s one positive, a negative
That this world continually gives;
This time Pakistani Christians, the target—bold, blood-red.

I read the article through online media—
A medium
That distances me from the issue,
Yet I resonate with this one
Feel pain for this one
Dead by the tons for speaking tongues
That some failed to understand and feared,
Making them fearsome.

So the answer was a bomb,
Blowing their bits
Without having to live with their fear–
I doubt they reconciled with
What they refused to know:

A world, a God, far from their own.
They’re not the only ones,
Radical Muslims who terrorizes what terrors them at night
We’d do the same for our rights.
I’m not justifying ISIS or Belgian and Pakistani plight,
Just looking from all perspectives.

Each persons’ personal zeal has potential for the need to kill;
And the power of power-lust breaks trust
Beyond moral codes.
Our avoidance of terror
Brings bouts of terror itself.
Our fear makes us fearsome
Justifying bloodthirst zeal
And carpet bombs.

As a Christian, I feel there are better ways to deal with ISIS,
But as long as we exist,
To my understanding,
More radicals are lined up
To make a killing for
All manifesting these ills.

I can rest in the fact that Christ will come again,
And this pattern will end
And Pakistani Christians will be vindicated in Heaven.
Others may not think so.
It’s easy to be fearful and to be vengeful.

I’m not suggesting we pretend
This did not happen,
But we should think intrinsically
About our passions,
Our zeal,
And ponder of we’d act the same.
Of course, we’ll all say we’re sane and righteous
Mind you this is mostly my stream of consciousness,
In reaction to these deaths
And to our typical American reactions
Like politicians, with their outrageous rhetoric.

In reaching my rant’s end,
I only want to remember them,
The men, women, children
Death by explosives.
Death by fear.

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