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Students of HPU: Mariah Castro

    By Amanda Kowalski - Web Editor / Reporter. September 30, 2016 - 2:01 pm


Mariah Castro is a 19-year-old Mass Communication student with a concentration in advertising & public relations with a minor in Marketing. She is currently a junior in the program and plans on graduating in the Spring of 2018.

When asked about her school year and how she is liking her classes she replied,

“It’s good so far, but it’s not preferably the classes that I wanted to take this semester. For spring, honestly, none of the classes catch my interest because I don’t like reporting; that is not my concentration. And I have to take them because if I avoid it, it will push me back in my degree plan. I have nothing against journalism, but that is not where my interests are. My interests are advertising and PR, but I am willing to learn about journalism if I have to.”

Despite her being disappointed in the lack of variety of classes that are offered to Mass Communication students, she loves Hawaii Pacific University and wouldn’t transfer to any other school.

When Mariah graduates, she plans on staying on the island of Oahu for awhile and working here as there are not many job opportunities in public relations back home on the Big Island .

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