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Career Services Center Aids Students’ Pursuit of Dream Jobs

    By Chanel Kawasaki. September 30, 2016 - 1:54 pm


Left to Right: Kelly Primacio and CSC Counselor Amanda Austin

Children everywhere grow up with an infinite amount of dream jobs in mind.

As they grow up, career aspirations change with the shift of interests and life priorities. Many students are overwhelmed with the variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from and the multitude of potential jobs.

Amanda Austin, the Career Services Center Counselor at Hawaii Pacific University, described a student’s pursuit for their dream job as a journey.

“I don’t think a lot of students know what they want to be when they come into college. Some people are fortunate enough to know because they identified what they’re passionate about and what their interests are,” said Austin.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 80 percent of students in the U.S. end up changing their major at least once. Some college students may even change their major three times in their college career. Students also struggle between finding their dream jobs and selecting their major. They yearn to choose a career that will be both marketable in the job economy while also being self-fulfilling.


CSC Director Michael Van Lear

“Anytime that I talk to a student about what pathway they can choose, I always let them know that you get your foot in the door with your passion, but there’s many pathways you can go down,” said Austin.

HPU offers many majors that stem into a variety of possible careers. One example of this is the Mass Communication program, which combines the fields of advertising, journalism and public relations.

“In the Career Services Center, we offer a variety of different tools and help, primarily guidance counseling,” said Austin. “We offer anything from your interviewing skills to helping you with your resume to finding a place in an internship to providing job opportunities. We work with a lot of employers to get students in the area for experience. We really try to coach them along the way as much as we can.”

The goal of the CSC is to aid students in career development through a variety of services and resources. Counselors are available to help students at any point during their academic careers.

CSC Counselor Ryan Tin Loy encourages students in their freshman or sophomore year to meet with a counselor to discuss their career goals. Students who have an idea of a dream job will have the opportunity to discuss steps on how they can reach their career goals by the time they graduate. Students who are undecided will have the chance to look at what their interests and passions are in order to align it with their major to find a potential career.

“We offer two assessments (known as) the Meyers-Briggs Type indicator as well as the Strong Interest Inventory,” said Tin Loy. “Both assessments are designed to give you a better understanding 0930161041of who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as analyze your interests. With that we can develop a comprehensive plan on where you want to go when you graduate, maybe you want to change your major, and coming up with some concrete goals,”

The CSC also plans to promote career awareness through a new student-run organization focused on helping students accomplish their career goals. The club, which will have its first meeting at the end of September, will be called the Future Professionals.

“It’s going to be student run and student led and about students trying to reach certain benchmarks and certain objectives so that when they graduate they have the skills that can help them in their respective careers,” said Tin Loy.

CSC Counselors Ryan Tin Loy and Amanda Austin will act as the advisors of the Future Professionals Club.

The CSC is located in Suite 122 of the Upper Bishop Building (UB). For more information on how to join or to learn more about the CSC contact Tin Loy at or Austin at

Photos courtesy of CSC Staff and Marc Peraino/Kalamalama News Editor.

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  1. Jim

    May 23, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    They helped me get a job at woodmen of the world.