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Review: Blade Runner 2049

    By Walker Edwards. November 3, 2017 - 1:19 pm

Photo provided by Fandango

Blade Runner 2049 is the sequel to a science fiction classic that lost money when initially released in 1982, though it gained significant popularity in the subsequent decades. According to The American Film Institute, Blade Runner is in their list of 100 greatest American films of all time.

The film stars Ryan Gosling as a ‘Blade Runner’, one who hunts down illegal models of ‘Replicants’, synthetic human beings that are nearly indistinguishable from real humans. When the body of a replicant who died in childbirth is found, Gosling’s character embarks on a journey to discover the identity of the child.

It’s almost a three hour movie and the film is longer than the average big budget action film as a result of the slow paced cinematography and complex plot. The camera often hovers and glides across the incredibly vivid, detailed cityscapes, giving the viewer an intimate look into a world that appears both carefully designed and deeply ominous.

The movie is visually stunning. The beauty is only enhanced by a tense score that swells and explodes in perfect time with the emotional progression of each scene.

Photo provided by Fandango

Harrison Ford returns to play his character from the original Blade Runner. The confrontations between he and Ryan Gosling are among the film’s most exciting moments.

Still, Blade Runner 2049 might not win over anyone who doesn’t already like science fiction. The dark, dreary visual style, along with the complex plot may be too intense for those unprepared to be sucked into a surreal world in no hurry to reveal its secrets.

For patient moviegoers who allow themselves to become immersed into the sometimes perplexing, always fascinating narrative, Blade Runner 2049 may prove one of the most engaging films of 2017.