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Mass communication students partner with nonprofit travel2change for showcase

    By Casey Park - Managing Editor. November 10, 2017 - 8:00 am

Students getting more information from travel2change during event. Photo by Lauren Martinez.

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) students showcased their experiences with non-profit travel2change. HPU Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee hosted the event at The ARTS at Marks Garage on Oct. 13.

The event served as an opportunity for students to apply their skills learned from mass communication courses. The special events planning class organized decorations, food and all other logistics. The mass communication writing students exhibited their photos, blogs and social media posts from their experiences with the organization.

Attendees enjoying the food and beverage station. Photo by Lauren Martinez.

HPU marketing Professor and founder of travel2change Dr. Thomas Kohler and professor Annmarie Manzulli coordinated the effort to feature both classes. Manzulli explained that the event is important because students can apply their projects to a real organization instead of a fictitious scenario.

There was complimentary food, soft drinks and popcorn for attendees. Döner Shack also donated loaded lunch wraps.  

Attendees who collected stamps from informational booths could enter into a raffle. The prizes were travel-themed gift bags which included sunscreen, coconut water and hand sanitizer.

AnnMarie Manzulli watching her students give their presentations. Photo by Lauren Martinez.

The students had different experiences with travel2change. Students Juan Peralta and Samantha Kinnard attended a hike at Waimea Valley that involved cutting down invasive trees. Students Samuel Williamson and Keola Himan participated in a beach cleanup and yoga session in Waikiki.

Travel2change intern Angela “Ziggy” Kitsou stated the nonprofit’s website is meant to give travelers the opportunity to give back by connecting them with hosts of local activities. She said, “Travel2change was created with the idea behind giving and taking and finding that sweet spot in between fun and impact.”

In her closing remarks Manzulli said “We took a simple reporting project and turned you into ambassadors of aloha.”

One Response to Mass communication students partner with nonprofit travel2change for showcase

  1. Thomas Kohler

    November 11, 2017 at 6:14 am

    Thanks to everyone who made this happen! We hope to see many HPU students at travel2change activities.