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Organization to empower young women brought to HPU

    By Amanda Kowalski - Web Editor / Reporter. December 1, 2017 - 11:49 am

Mina Sohrabi on Fort Street Mall. Photo provided by Amanda Kowalski.

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) student brings an organization to campus to help empower young women within Hawaii’s diverse community in fall of 2017.

After going to a conference hosted by “I AM THAT GIRL” (IATG) organization over the summer, student Mina Sohrabi thought this would be an important organization to bring to HPU as she said “I feel like in Hawaii, there’s people coming from all over the world. And because of that, sometimes girls feel like they can’t really be themselves.”

Sohrabi believes girls fear to be themselves in such a diverse school, she stated IATG “Provides that safe space, it allows girls to make friends that they probably wouldn’t have if they felt like they had to be someone they weren’t.”

Chapters are encouraged to host meetings where they have time to talk and then conduct an activity. Sohrabi explains “In that meeting, we call it a safe space. It is kind of like a vault. What is said in that meeting, stays in that meeting.”

IATG is a non-profit organization founded by Alexis Jones in 2002 and has over 200 chapters nationwide. IATG’s mission is to shift girl culture and turn self-doubt into self-love. It focuses on providing leadership, social and personal development programming to girl across the nation. According to the official website, that “Girl has a brilliant heart and beautyFULL mind.”

Meetings are held Thursdays at 7 p.m. in MP 246.

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