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HPU senior Ashleigh Garcia wins John Heckathorn, Ph.D. Internship Award

    By Casey Park - Managing Editor. February 8, 2018 - 7:13 am

HPU cheer member Ashleigh Garcia. Photo provided by HPU Athletics.

Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU) encourages communication students to pursue internships by issuing the annual John Heckathorn, Ph.D. Internship award of $1,000. This year’s award has been granted to HPU senior Ashleigh Garcia.

Students enrolled in the communication practicum program are eligible for the award. The application requires an essay on the sacrifices made in order to complete his or her internship. Financial need is also considered when choosing an awardee.

Garcia’s involvement at HPU involves editing positions on HPU’s Kalamalama newspaper and the Hawai’i Pacific Review, the cheerleading team, and the College of Liberal Arts Senator in the HPU Student Government Association.

Garcia completed her editorial internship at Nella Media Group, a multi-disciplinary creative firm. Upon her graduation this semester, she hopes to move to a large city and pursue a career in publishing, particularly book editing.

Garcia learned through her internship experience that there is more to communication careers than what is learned in class, saying “There’s a textbook side of every career, but then there’s a reality side.”