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Students get a lesson on proper etiquette

    By Marthe Nymoen - Reporter. April 18, 2018 - 4:57 pm

80 HPU students dressed up and ready to learn proper etiquette at Cafe Julia. Photo provided by Marthe Nymoen.

The Hawai’i Pacific University Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a business etiquette dinner on March 22 at Café Julia. About 80 students attended the event where they learned everything from properly folding napkins to networking with confidence.

While eating a five dollar four-course meal, students were both coached and entertained by Hawaii’s presentation coach and etiquette speaker Pam Chambers. By doing this for over thirty years, Chambers has a lot of experience and has taught students several times before.

Students enjoying four course meal. Photo provided by Marthe Nymoen.

She particularly likes to teach students as they often are very engaged, and was very satisfied with this event.

“This night was great! The students were eager, they were very receptive and asked a lot of good questions,” Chambers said.

Marine biology junior Abby Pruitt and sophomore Christy Bray were both happy with the food and everything that they learned from Chambers.

“I think this is a really good opportunity for students to learn proper etiquette, and I think students are always looking for ways to become more professional. More events like this should be offered,” Pruitt said.

Pam Chambers’ humorous approach to teaching proper etiquette made the students laugh from beginning to the end.

“I really liked that it was funny and casual. Chambers did not make us feel like we did not know what we are doing,” Bray said.

Pam Chambers makes sure that junior Abby Pruitt and sophomore Christy Bray are using their silverware how they are supposed to. Photo provided by Marthe Nymoen.

Student Body President Leilani Feleciano, explained that SGA began this event as an initiative to give students a chance to learn skills that they could use once they graduated. The size of the event has changed and the number of participants have increased since the first business etiquette dinner.

“We have always received positive feedback on this event, and the students are asking us to hold it again,” Feleciano said.