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Movie Review: “Crazy Rich Asians” is crazy good, crazy funny and crazy entertaining

    By Samantha Kinnard - Reporter. September 21, 2018 - 1:27 pm

Photo provided by Warner Bros.

If you have never been to Singapore and wonder what it’s like, Crazy Rich Asians might just have you planning your next trip. From the colorful city life to the culture, the audience is able to really get a taste of elegance, luxury and romance.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel featured throughout the film is a hallmark of Singapore; it conveys the grandeur feeling of the city.

Young, successful New York University professor Rachel Chu is invited to go on the trip of a lifetime with her boyfriend, Nick Young, to attend his childhood friend’s wedding and also meet his family. Little does Rachel know, Nick is not only a member of one of the top ten wealthiest families in Asia but is possibly sole heir to his family’s fortune.

Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee’s wedding is the most exclusive event of the season in Singapore with a price tag of 40 million dollars. Navigating the socialites and even Nick’s family at a high profile wedding is not exactly in Rachel’s area of expertise.

Photo provided by Warner Bros.

Thrown into the dramatic and wealthy lives of the Young family, Rachel finds herself faced with challenges she had not anticipated. Though many of Nick’s friends and family members are skeptical and disapproving of Rachel, her strength and courage only bring Nick to love her more.

The humor used in Crazy Rich Asians does a great job of balancing out the Young family drama and the backlash directed at Rachel while in Singapore.

One of the most intense and intimate scenes of the movie is during the wedding when the bride, Araminta, walks down the aisle. The aisle turns into a beautiful stream of flowing water and small lights guide the bride down the aisle as she begins to make her descent. This fairy-tale perfect wedding scene shows the love between Rachel and Nick as they can’t help but stare at each other throughout the entire ceremony.

The costumes and makeup of all the characters add to the elegance of the wedding, and Rachel’s dress is the highlight of the event as everyone is in awe over her “Cinderella-like” transformation.

Rachel may not have known what she was getting into when she began on her journey with Nick to Singapore, but she finds the courage along the way to face the unknown. Through Rachel’s experience, the audience can see the underlying messages of being true to who you are, following your heart, and refusing to let anyone tell you how to live your life. Crazy Rich Asians is definitely a lighthearted, funny and romantic movie full of life lessons that make it a must see.