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HPU campus relocation: An interview with President John Gotanda

    By Samuel Williamson - Editor In Chief. October 30, 2018 - 8:00 am

Marketing video used by HPU with a detailed explanation of its campus relocation. Video provided by HPU.

Recently Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU) announced that it will be relocating its campuses to one centralized downtown location. Since then, Kalamalama sat down with HPU President John Gotanda, here is what we thought is important for students to know.

Gotanda explained the purpose is having one centralized campus close to Aloha Tower Marketplace.

“Basically, all of the student facing activities will be down in a sort of triangular facing area, with Aloha Tower as the anchor.”

Floor plan for Student Services One Stop Shop at Waterfront Plaza. Photo provided by HPU.

A one-stop shop for student services will be opening at Waterfront Plaza to better centralize facilities and benefit the students.

“We’ve heard from students that they would like us to look at student services and say how can we make this better.”

He also explained administration is working to solve other problems such as dorm space.

“About 150 [beds] are at Hawai’i Loa, we’re looking to add that much more in Downtown Honolulu.”

Gotanda explained the dorms at Hawai’i Loa will stay until 2020, after which new space will be acquired in Downtown Honolulu.

Besides dorms, he explained how the move might impact problems such as parking.

“We are looking to see how we might utilize our parking at Aloha Tower. Particularly at Pier 9 and 6, which is literally almost across the street from where Waterfront is.”

Gotanda shared his thoughts on the move, “I think it’s exciting, I think it all of a sudden transforms HPU. It makes us a more unified campus.”

Interview conducted by Samuel Williamson and Steven Gransky.