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About Kalamalama


Kalamalama means “bright light” in Hawaiian. “Ka” means “the” and “Lama” means “Light.” It also means “the beacon of light in the darkness,” and “the torch.”

Kalamalama is the only full-time student operation on the HPU campus. The newspaper is an HPU “instructionally-related activity” meaning it is both part of an academic curriculum and a business environment. In this educational role, the newspaper provides the chance for all HPU students to apply skills acquired in the classroom in a professional newspaper–skills they will successfully apply to any organization in their future endeavors. In the business role, the newspaper is organized and managed as a business. It has revenues, expenses, and customers. It provides a working laboratory for all HPU students.

Hawai’i Pacific University opened as Hawai’i Pacific College in 1965, and four years later the school began a weekly newsletter called the “Midnight Oil,” which evolved into the “Menehune,” and later into “Ka-Lamalama” which became the school’s official newspaper in 1969.

In 1984, Kalamalama was defunct because there was no support for the paper. In 1986, it was resurrected, and in 1987 it folded again for the same reasons. In 1993, under the guidance of Dr. Larry LeDoux, Kalamalama was again resurrected. Dr. LeDoux who holds a B.A. degree in Journalism and Communications, created a journalism program where the newspaper could train potential journalists.

Kalamalama is currently located at 1136 Union Mall, Suite 208 on the Hawai’i Pacific University Downtown Campus.

In the spring of 2014, the Kalamalama moved to an online-only platform and continues to bring valuable news stories to the Hawai’i Pacific University community.